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I launched a radio show in 1983 on male-female relationships and the gender issues of men and boys. It didn’t take me long to realize that serious social problems are connected to society’s lack of awareness of the gender issues of men and boys, primarily based on anti-male stereotypes and biases.


I earned a Masters in Social Work in 2008 and was named Outstanding Recent Graduate of the University of Maryland School of Social Work in 2012. Along the way, my interest in the social implications of gender stereotypes and expectations of men and boys took me into Maryland men’s prisons as a facilitator for the Alternatives to Violence Project, into the infamous Baltimore City Detention Center as a jail guard, into the Central Baltimore Parole & Probation office as an agent, and into National Fatherhood Initiative as a trainer for

prison systems around the nation on running NFI’s InsideOut Dad program for incarcerated fathers. In short, I have been involved in the connection between male gender issues and serious, troubling social problems for nearly three decades.


Along with being a podcast guest as the “Counter-Feminist Social Worker,” I host two podcasts.

 In “Men Are Talking” I talk with influential men about their views of gender politics and relations between the sexes.

In “Good Will Toward Men” I talk with women like the women in my book Good Will Toward Men, a collection of interviews with twenty-two wonderfully fair-minded women (St. Martin’s Press, 1994).

Jack doing a little stand-up in 1996.